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 Matt Gibson

Musician – Entrepreneur – Tech Founder – USAF Veteran

Matt Gibson is an American musician, entrepreneur and the lead singer and lead guitarist for Crimson Symphony.  In 2014, Matt launched the Kingdom of Rock Podcast for Musicians and currently co-hosts the show with Michael Molenda (Editor in Chief of Guitar Player magazine) 

About Me

l” In 2010 I was 2 years away from the end of a 20 year career as an aircraft mechanic in the United States Air Force. I always dreamed of becoming a professional rock musician so I reached out to my childhood guitar hero George Lynch and started taking lessons. My playing and musicianship improved greatly and the lessons gave me the courage to pursue my dream!

I’ve always been a tech nerd so when Google+ came out in 2011 – I saw an opportunity to get in front of a lot of people! I took the plunge and started putting myself out into the world as a guitarist and singer for the first time. In less than two years, I became once of the most followed musicians on the platform with more than 1 million followers and 16 million views. 

Jump to 2015 – Google+ was dying and I had just spent all my money on an album I didn’t complete. I clearly didnt know what I was doing.  I needed some help! I launched the Kingdom of Rock podcast for musicians and started interviewing professional musicians who answered all my questions. Time to rock this!

In September of 2019 I made the move from Roanoke, VA to Los Angeles, California and 100+ interviews and a million subscribers later – I think I figured it out! I released my 1st professional track in August of 2020 and launched two business ventures (Music Discovery Tech startup and Musician’s Retreat/Conference)  that promise to revolutionize the music industry!

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